Pedagogía Conectada: 1.2 Reflexión contexto educativo


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Llegamos con el tiempo pasado, pero aún así sí me gustaría dejar aquí mi artefacto digital, donde  he intentado reflejar el contexto educativo que comparto con mis alumnos.

Para ello, os dejo el enlace a un Sway donde está mi reflexión. Deseo que os sea útil.


¿Nos presentamos?

Buenas a todos!!

Me ha apetecido experimentar un poco y he pensado que para grabar un pequeño vídeo de 1,30 minutos, seria divertido  usar la herramienta de Flipgrid.

Es gratuita y podemos usarla con nuestra cuenta de Google o de Microsoft, pero lo mejor es que ofrece un entorno adaptable a las necesidades del centro, o del creador del grid, donde puedes proponer temas para que tus alumnos,  registren sus exposiciones con un máximo de 5 minutos.  A ver cuál es vuestra opinión!.

Por cierto!! si queréis dejar vuestra presentación,  tan solo hay que hacer clik en el símbolo verde y comenzará a grabar!! 🙂

3r Week: Reflection challenger

I think that this week is soo important for  bulding a strong digital skills our Students

  • How will you adapt your curriculum according to one or more of the digital learning theories?


The Theories help us to vertebrate many times our actions in the classroom, or to give them a coherence, that NE occasions are intuitive

From my point of view, at present we can not teach using a single theory, tight, and without margin of innovation, just that would close the doors to innovation itself.

I think the prove new ways, as well as implement tools, new applications will help us to give variety in our classrooms, and cater to diversity, as long as they check their results. one exemple:


  • How will teaching students about their digital footprint benefit them?

The fact that students known their footprints, and especially that they are aware of small tricks, like navigating incognito to be able to choose their resources, searches, is very important, that our students learn to manage their digital identity to be Critical and free citizens.

To teach these evidences in Classroom, it is always necessary to propose the activities that we go  to perform with them. You have to remember the advice to be able to advance your skills. and explain it through good practice and upgradable activities, provided that the points or areas degraded from those activities are commented on.




3r Week: digital Footprint Students

After receiving the data from the survey and observe the results of a group of my students of 16 years, I find it striking the percentage of the hours spent on the network, seven of them, pass between 2-3 hours connected (I want to understand that it is time to study also , as personal or free).


The social networks that most use in this area are Wassap, Intagram and Facebook, but we also have diversity, this confirms me, it is very important to work with them, the subject of photographs, and if we always want to exist in social networks. Important to have it present for digital citizenship.

And I get a lot of attention that parents talk about security in the network…. this leads me to the work we do in school is paying off.   That’s great.




The goal Mindend Teacher ( 2n Week)

I would like to  show my two badge to promote the reading, and the Booktrailer


  • How will transforming an activity into a learning mission engage my students?


Badges motivate our students because they will make you feel part of a team, belonging to a group of people who can choose their progress. It also reaffirms its confidence and Their advances in their learning. It’s a very simple way to gamificar your classroom.

  • How can digital badges motivate my students?


Is the way to recognize they are a  part of a group and above all to be aware of their progress in learning is increasing. They are also a way of gamificar the classroom.

My Journy Challenge is:

Mission Student Challenge :

Make a booktrailer after the reading process

Mission Description :

To accomplish this mission successfully students will

To acomplish this mission you can do a short vídeo with photo where you promote the book that they read after.
Mission Overview/Steps :

  • Read the book
  • Write a plot of book
  • Make a book tràiler using a digital tools and Storyboard
  • Make a presentation their classmate to show the booktrailer



  • Promote the reading between their classmate
  • Learn the use of digital tool to create the booktrailer
  • Emprove their Comunication skills

Purpose :

This mission will help our students build our digital library of recommendations about their readings. We will also promote the communicative abilities of the students, as well as the good use of the technological tools.
Recommended Tools and Resources :

I would like students to use the Word document for the script, photo Editor, as well as for the video editor: Movimaker, photos from Microsoft, imovie, Sonyvega. There are many we can leave them free.


And I would like share with us one of the Finialist who will be in the Awards Ceremmony next March 9 2018.


Rúbrica d’avalaució Trailerbook 1 r btx

The Goal Minded Teacher blog’s Àngels Soriano (1st week)


As a teacher, I have spent a few years with two clear objectives: to be a lifelong apprentice (and encourage my students to be) and to collaborate with the rest of the professors of the world who passionate the global projects, at the moment, the projects linked to the SDGs.

Therefore, since 2012 Twitter has been offering me the opportunity to participate in multiple Twitter chats, connect with teachers from all over the world and even collaborate on different projects, which have broken the walls of the classrooms to offer my students global classrooms, where They can improve their skills, and develop values such as respect and empathy. Using Skype in the classroom is the best option.

And another goal is to create your Personal learning network, where teachers collaborate to exchange and learn collaboratively. one exemple was the last year when i was invited by Microsoft to their Exchange Educator meeting in Toronto….. It was an amazing challanger!!

I always say that sharing is growing up.